The 15 most Instagrammable places in Valencia, Spain

Portada- eng-15 Lugares (muy) fotogénicos para Instagram en ValenciaWhen I meet people who like Instagram and photography as much as I do, and we talk about the most popular places to take cool pictures of Valencia, I always think to myself…what about if I share those «secret» places with all of you? So, here I am, ready to guide you with a personalized Google Map to be sure that all of you are finding each place as easy as possible. And since I cannot accompany all of you personally, at least I will share here, «virtually», my favorite places for Instagram photos, a Guide for Instagrammers, this way (hopefully!) you will have after visiting my city, the best pictures collection … Let’s go there!!!

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A day in the Natural Park of La Devesa – Albufera and El Palmar


Some time ago I wanted to write this post to share with you one of my favorite places in Valencia, the Natural Park of la Devesa – Albufera and the picturesque village of El Palmar. I happen to know this place very well as my maternal grandparents were from there. Believe me, even if I am very familiar with all these landscapes, their rice fields, its fauna, its small paths, I never get accustomed to the beauty of this impressive place… are you ready? Sigue leyendo

A day in the City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia


Today, I am back at my blog to accompany you to a very special place in my city, the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia.

If you have never been, you may well need perhaps a whole day to visit too… but trust me, it is not. In this post I will focus on the buildings of the Hemisfèric and the Science Museum, the Umbracle area and the huge lakes that surround it with their magical highlights …

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Tour in Valencia: Urban Street Art


Having recently meandered through the  labyrinth-esque streets of Valencia’s old town, the  topic for  my next blog post sprang to mind in a flash. The subtle and impressive world of urban street art in this already captivating city! This kind of art is generating a lot of curiosity lately, and it is justified, it has become a new way of vindicating some old abandoned buildings and the walls in some streets… without a doubt, most of the time, it is in a beautiful decorated form.

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2 days in Valencia / Day 2 – The old Riverbed Park (The Turia), the City of Arts and Sciences and the beaches

en.portada-2 dias en Valencia (día 2) apaisado

Today the tour I propose begins at the Calatrava Bridge, continues through the old riverbed of the Turia River to the area of the City of Arts and Sciences and from there we will go to the Royal Navy and the beach of Malvarrosa / Patacona and return. Let’s go?

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2 days in Valencia / Day 1 – Valencia historic centre and shopping

en.portada-2 dias en valencia (dia 1)

If you are in Valencia or you have already visited it, it may seem that 48 hours is very little time to visit the city. With this post I intend to draw you a detailed guide, and with the route that I propose to you, I promise, you will not miss any building or nice corner to see!

Here we go!

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Once upon a time in Valencia… (my little introduction to Valencia)


Where is Valencia?

Valencia is bathed by the Mediterranean Sea on the east coast of Spain and has a dry Mediterranean climate of warm summers, mild winters and average annual temperature of 18.4°C. The hottest month is August and the coldest January, Sigue leyendo

Practical information



The two official languages of Valencia are Castilian Spanish and Valenciano


Valencia is located in a strategic point of the Iberian Peninsula, 360 km from the Spanish capital Madrid and 350 km from Barcelona, and is well-connected to other cities in Spain and the rest of Europe. Sigue leyendo