Tour in Valencia: Urban Street Art


Having recently meandered through the  labyrinth-esque streets of Valencia’s old town, the  topic for  my next blog post sprang to mind in a flash. The subtle and impressive world of urban street art in this already captivating city! This kind of art is generating a lot of curiosity lately, and it is justified, it has become a new way of vindicating some old abandoned buildings and the walls in some streets… without a doubt, most of the time, it is in a beautiful decorated form.

Some of the artists who created these little (or big!) works of art, are in fact already recognized artists… Of course, there is much to see, but this post is what I intend to show you are on my favorites list and where to find them exactly… I assure you that I was not easy to choose!

I do hope you like my selection and their titles, some originals and others homegrown, are you ready?

  1. << Frida >>

A long time ago I saw this graffiti on Instagram and I had an absolute crush on it immediately… I didn´t know where it was and never paused to give it time. Between the gardens next to the Faculty of geography and history (on the Campus of Blasco Ibáñez) you will find this huge mural depicting Frida Kahlo.


Signed by Julieta XLF, well worth taking a leap outside the circuit of the Barrio del Carmen to see it, won’t let down you, neither this nor the rest of beautiful designs that decorate the wall.

  1. << Street of Colors: Photo of a kiss >>

To give it justice in this post, this is one of my favorite places in Valencia… the well known Moret street or Street of Colors, it is the same place where some of the best known graffiti can be found in the city.


As I cannot choose just one, I will divide this wall in two. This one, <<Photo of a kiss >> by Luis Lonjedo and the next…

  1. << Street of Colors: Melancholy >>

…and this one, where a young girl, the artist Deih, rests crestfallen on a bridge in Venice without knowing she has caught the attention of people passing by… from Valencia!


In this picture you can see the various artists who participated in this project.


  1. << The House of cats of the Barrio del Carmen >>

This is the work of the craftsman and sculptor Alfonso Yuste Navarro, dating back to 2003. The curious detail is that it makes reference to «als quatre gats» (four cats) who stayed in Valencia at the time of El Cid, in the 11th century when they decided to put an end to the cats that had been in the city since it was said that they were bringing bad luck.


The tiny door of this miniature house is designed so cats come and go at will from this site that is located in the street of the Museum. If you look very close, it does not lack detail…


On the same wall you will see a tile marking the level to which the water came from the River Turia when it overflowed in the great flood that inundated the city in October 1957. There are several buildings with indicators of different levels where the water reached in that sad occasion of Valencia.


  1. << Supported in the hand of the future >>

In the hidden Street Calle del Cabrito, we find Deih urban artist’s work. It is certainly worth passing by there and taking a look at this masterpiece of this well-known artist, I do not know the original title of this design, but it transmits something to me, what do you all think?


  1. << The bicycle girl >>

And again… Julieta XFL! … Yes, I have a weakness for her and admit that when walk through Valencia and I find a new drawing of hers, I can’t help but smile… and take a picture! This in particular is in the street of Pintor Fillol in the bikes rental shop Bed & Bike that with a little idea had this brilliant artist to decorate its façade… without a doubt, a great success.


  1. << In love >>

We continue our journey towards Salvador Giner street and voilà, another graffiti that I love… This time is the famous David de Limón (David Lemon) who signs this wall next to La Nena Wapa Wapa (Gorgeous gorgeous girl).


  1. << Kiosk >>

In the beautiful Plaza del Arbol is this three-dimensional graffiti depicting a traditional kiosk on one of the walls of the square…


.. .and of course, one of the men of David lemon paints looks out and is watching from the corner!


  1. << Double-sided >>

The renowned Italian artist, Erica Il Cane «takes advantage» of this building’s three facades, two of them (which gives us views of Alta and Baja street) to show us this curious mural.


On one side, on Alta street, there is a huge cat on fire and on the other, and on Baja street, a rabbit and a chicken are fighting with the typical Valencian paella at their feet.


  1. << Lemon spray >>

Here we have it again! On this wall, two of the little men of David De Limón (Lemon) play with spray paint graffiti… I couldn’t be a better image to use on the cover of this post!


Tour the centre of Valencia and you will see their characters crouched in impossible corners all as one. In a counter of light, on a scaffold, almost beyond where you see, you will find some of their expressive drawings, always (or almost always) with a heart beating in his chest.

  1. << Dangerous beard >> / 12. << Parked >>

Among Quart street and the Plaza del Tossal are two enormous murals, side by side. One of them is a huge design Blu representing a beard composed of numerous snakes… and the other is this enormous painting work of Escif that represents a few parked cars abandoned, floating…? What do you all think?


  1. << Stop victim war’s wall >>

Fasim, the urban artist born in Barcelona, drew this on Calderers street wall in 2010. With this great wall in yellow and black titled «art is not a crime, war crime is» the author denounces the drama of civil wars and armed conflicts that happen in our world today.


  1. << Arquicostura >>

Raquel Rodrigo is the artist of both the original wall in the busy Plaza Lope de Vega as the floating structure on the site of a building on Bolseria street, is this his way of creating? This is embroidery on large surfaces, a collection of precious flowers in colors, XL in size. The result?… absolutely, wonderful!


For sure you will find the city in its different artistic contributions… here I show you two of them.


  1. << “No ser res si no s´és poble” >>

Very close to the Central Market, on the Street Taula de Canvis, there is a small square where the Valencian company Tyris has the famous local Tyris on Tap (where to taste their craft beers), beside you can find a huge wall with an urban painting titled «No ser res si no s´és poble» by Elias Taño.


This spectacular multicolored graffiti is one of my favorite as background for any individual or group photo!


  1. << Between dreams… >>

Again a work of Julieta XLF. In the Zeid Moro Street, we can see one of their girls dreaming, resting on this dark and elongated wall… in the background an abandoned area is sheltering this colorful dream…


  1. << Postcard from Valencia >>

Another business that had the great idea of decorating the adjoining wall with a beautiful graffiti is Shabby Chic, in the street of Tapineria.

In my opinion it is one of the best «postcards» of Street art in Valencia…(I took the photo which I shared here a few months ago, after this, the graffiti was damaged).


  1. << Bonjour Tristesse >>

Walking along Conde de Montornés street in the direction of the Bancaja Foundation we find a huge wall with this graffiti already somewhat colorless but not so devoid of symbolic force… Escif is the artist who signs this large wall drawing.


  1. << Simplicity >>

Right on the wall that is opposite the wall «Bonjour Tristesse» and separated by a large plot, is this simple and inspiring design by Sam 3. Some time ago I published it on my Instagram Gallery. Less is definitely more…


  1. << Open-heart >>

In the back terrace of the Restaurant Secreter, via the narrow street of les Escoles del Temple, you can be amazed with this enormous and beautiful heart whose arteries end in flowering branches.


  1. << Batman is back >>

Very close to the Corts Valencianes, at the Samaniego Street, is a short walk to this funny Batman… underwear thief!


I hope that you have enjoyed my selection. As you may have seen, street art is a very lively artistic trend, it may be that one day you pass by a street and your favorite wall is no longer there, so I recommend always go with your camera at the ready, for at least, you can have them immortalized in your memory…

Here’s a couple of my «old favorites» that are no longer with us, but others that are equally as beautiful (or more) that you have seen.



I hope that my post will encourage you to take a stroll through the city and to help you discover and find these «little treasures» of Valencia, see you in my next post!!

Translation by Mark Grimes 

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