The 15 most Instagrammable places in Valencia, Spain

Portada- eng-15 Lugares (muy) fotogénicos para Instagram en ValenciaWhen I meet people who like Instagram and photography as much as I do, and we talk about the most popular places to take cool pictures of Valencia, I always think to myself…what about if I share those «secret» places with all of you? So, here I am, ready to guide you with a personalized Google Map to be sure that all of you are finding each place as easy as possible. And since I cannot accompany all of you personally, at least I will share here, «virtually», my favorite places for Instagram photos, a Guide for Instagrammers, this way (hopefully!) you will have after visiting my city, the best pictures collection … Let’s go there!!!

1. The City of Arts and Sciences:

I will divide this magical place in several points, since there are many instagram spots that belong to this architectural group and all of them are very famous on Instagram. Definitely each one worth a mention. Let me show you why …

I took this panoramic photo from «the Garden of Astronomy» in the upper side, just beside the Umbracle, already in the City of Arts and Sciences complex.

1.1. The lakes around the buildings of the City of Arts and Sciences:

Around all the buildings of the City of Sciences there are small and large lakes that reflect its impressive architecture. I recommend you to take a good time to walk among all the buildings, without forgetting the lakes between the Bridge of Assut de l’Or and the Science Museum … although they are a little further away from the central area. If you are lucky to visit them and there is not breeze, in all of them, you will find some great reflections for pictures… and as usual, the sunrise and sunset with their play of lights also create some magnificent reflections.

Tip: take a good time as everything that happens around will be a good idea to take a picture, super inspiring!

1.2. L’Hemisfèric:

This building, also called «The Eye», celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. From the outside, if there is no wind, we see the perfect sphere reflected in the lakes that surrounds it. From the inside, in the perimeter ring, we can enjoy between glass and trencadís, the impresive views beside its huge windows.

1.3. Science Museum:

This building of enormous dimensions and great beauty is also worth visiting, both inside and outside. Inside, their exhibitions give us the opportunity to create original pictures, with the Foucault pendulum, the huge DNA chain, dinosaurs in real size, Its wide spaces … And outside, with their architecture mix of concrete, white iron and glass . A building undoubtedly «unmissable»…

1.4. South Walk:

Right at the base of the Science Museum, between the Museum and the lake that separates it from the Umbracle, we find its famous (at least in instagram!) triangular perspective. You can not leave the City of Arts and Sciences without a photo from here …

1.5. L’Umbracle:

This green area is characterized by its tall palm trees aligned and its two huge structures in blue trencadis, which delimit this area from both sides. In the walk that runs through one of its sides, we can enjoy the best panoramic views of the City of Arts and Sciences.

1.6. Bridge of l’Assut de L’Or:

Between the Science Museum and the Agora building (still under construction), we find this original bridge that marks the end of the City of Arts and Sciences. We Valencians also call it «The Arp» or «El Jamonero» and not only offers us good photos from a lateral perspective, but its access by stairs and photos from the same bridge to «the strings of the harp» are also very popular on Instagram.

1.7. Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía:

I put it the last but definitely, it is not in importance … I also recognize that this building is one of my favorites in the City of Arts and Sciences and is also the Palace of the Opera of Valencia. Included in the circuit of the most important in the world. I love each of its corners, its straight and rounded lines. If you have an occasion, do not miss: their guided tours to discover it from the inside, to enjoy an opera and also … don´t forget to have a drink in the Restaurant Contrapunto

And now, take your cameras, we are going to explore another area, the historic center of Valencia … where I will recommend you also several sites that you can not miss.

2. Calle (Street) de la Paz:

We will start on this street, one of the most beautiful and busiest in the city. I assure you that when you visit Valencia, you walk it a thousand times. Also known for its shops, is the street that will take us to the Plaza de la Reina, from where we can enter the Barrio del Carmen. Ah! and the Tower that you see in the background is Santa Catalina … that I will mention in the next point …

3. Santa Catalina / Plaza Redonda

I have put together these two places and I will explain you why…The Tower of Santa Catalina, in my opinion is a must if you visit Valencia: from the top of this tower you can enjoy an unbeatable 360º view of the city center, you will truly appreciate the perfect shape of Plaza Redonda and see that this name is well deserved…we can´t forget its old spiral staircases …

Tip: If you have time enough (and energies!) I recommend you not to miss neither the views from above the Miguelete and the Torres de Serranos…

  • Spiral stairs of the Tower of Santa Catalina:
  • Views of the Plaza Redonda from Santa Catalina:
  • Views of the Cathedral and the Miguelete from Santa Catalina:

4. Plaza de la Virgen

As a Valencia lover that I am, this place has absolutely captivated me, wherever we look, It give us countless beautiful photos every day … depending on the hour, the light, the events taking place in it … you can´t leave Valencia without visiting it!

5. The Lonja

The entire building is worth the visit, but if what you are looking for is the most instagrammable pic, don´t miss your photo in front of one of its huge windows. Those who give the best backlight are those closer to the façade of the Central Market Square.

6. Central Market

I have to confess that I really love the whole building! Inside its dome of oranges, the one of the area of ​​the fishmongers…On the outside, the weather vanes of the Cotorra and the Swordfish, its structure, its tiles … without forgetting the fruit and vegetable stands , raw sausages, fish !!! … I like everything in this building, for me it is another must.

7. Baños del Almirante

This building of medieval construction, is quite unknown, in my opinion because it is a little hidden. As the visit will not take you long, I recommend you do not miss it, especially its beautiful entrance door.

8. Palace del Marqués de Dos Aguas

Visiting Valencia and not seeing this place would be a real pity … Rococo style, It will really impress you, the most of It, its precious access doors. This building is also the National Museum of Ceramics … let´s come in? …

9. Centre del Carmen

This Museum is first of all … «different». Upon entering it, we find an old cloister and further in, we stumbled upon this versatile white space with small rooms on the sides. It has a lot of life, since in addition to regularly hosting art exhibitions, it is also a place where different types of events are organized.

10. Town Hall Square

Possibly it is the busiest square and in my opinion, one of the most beautiful in the city. If you go in the morning, I recommend you to visit the Town Hall and look out over Its main balcony and visit the «Salón de Cristal» (Glass Room). I also recommend you to book the Antiaircraft Refuge visit in advance, which access is at the back of the building … you will not be disappointed. The best views of the Plaza are, as expected, going up to any of the buildings, offices, hotels, the Ateneo Mercantil Building ….

  • Views of the center of Valencia from the Ateneo Building:
  • Views of a Mascletá in Fallas from the top of a building in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento:
  • Anti-aereo shelter under the Valencia City Council:

11. Ficus del Parterre

Before leaving the city center, a small mention of this beautiful centenary tree. Its huge roots and the other trees of the Parterre and the Glorieta, that for sure will capture your camera´s attention!

We change again our location, this time we go to the area of ​​the Marina, the Port and the beach

12. Marina of Valencia:

Next to the Malvarrosa, we will find several Instagram spots that we can not miss, so I will group them under the «La Marina» point, to encourage you to visit both the modern and the oldest part of the port area and, of course, the best known beach in Valencia, the Malvarrosa Beach.

12.1. Veles e Vents Building:

Designed in 2005 by David Chipperfield on the occasion of the Copa América, it is located in the Marina area, next to Malvarrosa beach. Currently it is a gastronomic multi-space, both, the main building and the surrounding areas.

12.2. Clock Building:

Very close to the Veles e Vents building we find this building and the old port sheds that surround it. All of them are a perfect spot to take good (and representative!) photos of our city…

12.3. Malvarrosa Beach:

We started the walk along the beach of Valencia just under the ancient (big) flags of Formula 1, near the building of Marina Beach. Restaurants, shops, hotels …this is a very nice and colorful walk every month of the year.

13. Albufera

I am a confessed lover of the Albufera Natural Park, so I wrote a post about this special place recently. I leave here the link. The sunsets at the dock of the Gola del Pujol, the boat rides in their typical boats called “albuferencs” … this is another must!

14. Portsaplaya

Our ¨Little Venice”, if you don´t have a lot of time, maybe you are not interested in getting here, but I could not leave it outside of my instagram spots in Valencia.

15. Escipión of Bioparc

And finally, one of the new icons of our city, this huge elephant, inaugurated past May, deserves a good pose at your side …Of course, before entering to visit the animal park Bioparc, another one of my favorites spots in the city!

Special mention apart, that I think that certainly interests all of you, is our well-known street art, if urban art interests you, I leave here linked a route that I prepared some months ago. So far my ideas to visit Valencia with an instagrammer point of view. Complicated synthesize since Valencia is full of beautiful places and all of them are very photogenic. I recommend that you visit the city as I think you have to visit any city, with an open mind, wanting to soak up their customs and culture, in order to launch the world from your social networks, the most beautiful image possible of what they see your eyes through the objective. I hope you liked the content that I have shared and I hope that it helps you … I would love to receive your feedback about what is your favorite place and to know if there is anywhere else you would add in this list, I am all ears! 🙂 See you in my next post? 😉

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