2 days in Valencia / Day 2 – The old Riverbed Park (The Turia), the City of Arts and Sciences and the beaches

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Today the tour I propose begins at the Calatrava Bridge, continues through the old riverbed of the Turia River to the area of the City of Arts and Sciences and from there we will go to the Royal Navy and the beach of Malvarrosa / Patacona and return. Let’s go?

[Tour Tip: Ideally, this visit should be done on bike to shorten times.] Valencia climate is favorable for bike trips at any time of the year]

Puente de Calatrava Valencia

Calatrava bridge

Valencia is crossed from side to side by the old riverbed of the Turia (I would like to say that it is our Central Park… but a little elongated!) After a great flood that occurred with the overflowing of the River Turia in October 1957 and that led to severe flooding in the city, it was decided to divert its course and instead create the Jardines del Turia, our beautiful green park.

We will start as I have already said on Calatrava Bridge or «la Peineta», as we call it, descend to the river by the accesses that are found on the sides of the bridge and we head east towards the Bridge of Flowers.

Puente de las Flores de Valencia

The Flowers Bridge (Puente de las Flores)

We will continue in a straight line for a long time, so relax and enjoy this pleasant walk. The Flowers Bridge, The Bridge of the Sea or the Palau de la Música are just some of the places in our city you are going to be seeing from the old river bed… I hope you are carrying a camera with lot of battery because this has only just begun!

Puente del Mar de Valencia

The Bridge of the Sea (Puente del Mar)

Palau de la Música de Valencia

The Music Palace (Palau de la Música)

Once we move on through the gardens past the Palau de la Música will arrive at the Gulliver Park, a large structure that represents the Gulliver doll as well its name. I suggest that if you have little ones with you, here is a place to spoil them and have a good time sliding up and down its huge slides!

Jardines del río Turia junto al Palau de les Arts de Valencia

The Turia gardens beside the Palau de les Arts

We continue strolling along and you can finally catch a glimpse of a futuristic Valencia, with its transcending white and blue lines that decorate a few large buildings. It almost seems that they have come out of a science fiction movie, welcome to the City of Arts and Sciences!

Hemisferic y Palau de les Arts de Valencia

Views of the Hemispheric and the Palau de les Arts from the terraces of The Science Museum

The first building that we encounter is the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia, built by Santiago Calatrava, which houses the Valencia Opera. This monumental warrior helmet-shaped building welcomes the best operatic productions in its immense halls and at the same time being a cradle of future talents thanks to Berklee Academy which is located on one side of the building.

Palau de les Arts de Valencia

Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía

Surrounded by two large artificial lakes that seem to reflect the blue sky in Valencia we find the following building, the Hemispheric, or «Eye» as it is also known. This original building houses an IMAX cinema and the parietal ring that surrounds it. It is also a spectacular place to hold events, etc.

Hemisfèric de la Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias de Valencia

The Hemispheric building in the City of Arts and Sciences

Then we find the Science Museum Príncipe Felipe, spectacular from the outside and a place for the dissemination of science and with many interactive exhibits on the inside. Do not hesitate to visit it, especially if you go with the little ones in your house.

Museo de las Ciencias Príncipe Felipe

Exterior of the Principe Felipe Science Museum

Dinosaurio en el Museo de las Ciencias Principe Felipe

Interior of the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum

A must-see is the Oceanographic, the last building of the complex in the City of Arts and Sciences but not least important. This Felix Candela design reminds us of the sea and its waves, sheltering inside the largest Oceanographic Park in Europe. Totally recommended.

(Important, upon entering the park check the schedule of the dolphin show, you can’t leave without seeing it!)

Fachada del Parque Oceanográfico de Valencia

Facade of the Oceanogràphic Park

Oceanografic Valencia delfin

Dolphin show at the Oceanogràfic Park

In addition to these buildings I have just mentioned, there are other places in the City of Arts and Sciences that you should not miss, such as the Umbracle, the exteriors of the incomplete Agora or the bridge of l´Assut of l´Or (called by the Valencians «The ham» or «Harp»)… any place in this architectural complex should be fully photographed until your heart is content!

Umbracle en la Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias de Valencia

The Umbracle (The City of Arts and Sciences)

Ágora y Puente de l´Assut de L´Or de Valencia

The Ágora building at the city of Arts and Sciences from the bridge of l´Assut de l´Or

Who is hungry? Then raise your hand! We are going to take you to a beach paella? Whether in winter or in summer this is always a good plan in Valencia.

On Malvarrosa beach or La Patacona you will find many places to taste the authentic Valencian paella, although if you decide to take it at night, the Valencian people may look at you a bit weirdly…  People from Valencia never have a paella in the evening (unless it is in Las Fallas or at peoples parties)

Paella Can Luca en la Patacona de Valencia

Valencian Paella, Can Luca (Patacona beach)

Before the end of the visit today I recommend you stroll along the seaside promenade, where in addition you can do thousands of things: enjoy an ice cream in La Jijonenca, relax in one of the old fishermen’s houses now converted mostly into bars and restaurants, take a photo between the giant flags on the promenade of la Malvarrosa (which was once the location for the Formula 1 circuit that was held in Valencia years ago) have a drink at the Marina Beach Club… in short, carpe diem and enjoy!!!

Banderas Marina Real Mlavarrosa Valencia

Giant flying flags at Malvarrosa beach

Palmeras Paseo de la Malvarrosa de Valencia

Beautiful views walking along Malvarrosa beach

And so ends this double post with my ideas to spend 48 hours in Valencia, I know that I still have many plans and ideas in the pipeline, so already I am preparing my next post… I hope I have helped you to better organize your visit to Valencia and but at least I hope I´m giving you the desire to visit my city!

If you would like to discuss any plans to do in Valencia in particular do not hesitate to let me know, and I will try to also create posts with your ideas. See you in my next post! 😉

Translation by Mark Grimes http://www.becenglish.com/ 

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