2 days in Valencia / Day 2 – The old Riverbed Park (The Turia), the City of Arts and Sciences and the beaches

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Today the tour I propose begins at the Calatrava Bridge, continues through the old riverbed of the Turia River to the area of the City of Arts and Sciences and from there we will go to the Royal Navy and the beach of Malvarrosa / Patacona and return. Let’s go?

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2 days in Valencia / Day 1 – Valencia historic centre and shopping

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If you are in Valencia or you have already visited it, it may seem that 48 hours is very little time to visit the city. With this post I intend to draw you a detailed guide, and with the route that I propose to you, I promise, you will not miss any building or nice corner to see!

Here we go!

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2 jours à Valencia / Jour 2 – Ancien lit du Fleuve Turia, Cité des Arts et des Sciences et plages

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Aujourd’hui, la visite que je vous propose commence sur le pont de Calatrava, continuera dans l’ancien lit du fleuve Turia jusqu’à la zone de la Cité des Sciences et de là, nous nous rendrons à la Marina royale et à la plage de la Malvarrosa/Patacona, puis on rentrera. On y va ?

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Practical information



The two official languages of Valencia are Castilian Spanish and Valenciano


Valencia is located in a strategic point of the Iberian Peninsula, 360 km from the Spanish capital Madrid and 350 km from Barcelona, and is well-connected to other cities in Spain and the rest of Europe. Sigue leyendo